Typical Schedule for the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program

A core of courses is required in the clinical program, but students are free to tailor  their coursework, research, practica, and traineeships to their personal interests. Students obtain exposure to a range of theoretical orientations among our faculty, and we encourage our students to diversify their training in both the conceptual and practicum areas. Our program emphasizes evidence based practice in both its didactic and applied training. Groups of faculty have special interests in psychotherapy process and outcome, psychological and neuropsychological assessment, cardiovascular disorders, headaches, multicultural issues in health, anxiety disorders, sexual assault and trauma, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and risk and resilience in children.

The normal schedule for the program is as follows:

First year

  • Courses in statistics and clinical research design
  • Courses and practica in interviewing, psychological assessment, and intelligence testing
  • Courses in psychopathology and personality
  • Courses in intervention and therapy
  • Research seminar
  • Clinical orientation seminar

Second year

  • Courses and practica in intervention and therapy
  • Research and course electives
  • Master's thesis
  • Course in professional issues
  • Course in diversity issues
  • Research seminar

Third Year

  • Courses and practica in intervention and therapy
  • Doctoral comprehensive exam
  • Traineeship activities
  • Research and breath course electives

Fourth Year

  • Course in supervision and consultation
  • Continued traineeship activities
  • Research and course electives
  • Dissertation

Fifth Year and Beyond

  • Internship or completion of breadth or track courses and dissertation.


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