Psychology Pre-Physical Therapy Major

 A handout containing the requirements for the B.A. in Psychology Pre-Physical Therapy can be found here.

Special curricula are available in both the Department of Psychology and the Department of Biomedical Sciences for individuals who plan to apply to a professional school of physical therapy. The curriculum offered by the Department of Psychology is heavily oriented toward coursework in psychology and the natural sciences.

The following program will not prepare you to complete a degree in biological sciences. If you are not accepted into the physical therapy program but desire to pursue a career in medicine or certain allied health fields, you should consider a major from the programs offered in biological sciences and chemistry, or from those offered through the College of Health and Human Services.

The B.A. degree in psychology pre- physical therapy consists of a minimum of 35 semester hours with a PSY prefix.


Required Courses in Psychology

The following courses in psychology are required:

PSY 1010 - General Psychology (3 credit hours)
PSY 2110 - Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (4 credit hours)
PSY 2120 - Research Methods in Psychology (4 credit hours)
PSY 2210 - Physiological Psychology (3 credit hours)
PSY 2310 - Cognitive Psychology (3 credit hours)
PSY 2410 - Child and Adolscent Psychology (3 credit hours)
PSY 2510 - Social Psychology (3 credit hours)
PSY 2710 - Abnormal Psychology (3 credit hours)


Additional Psychology Requirements 

Students must complete at least three psychology courses at the 3000 level or above (excluding PSY 3910, 3920, 3940, 3970T, 3980T, 4930, 4970H, 4970T, 4980H, 4980T, and 4990H).


 Required Extradepartmental Courses:

  • BIOS 1700, 1705, 1710, 1715 - Biological Sciences I & II with lab (8 total credit hours)
  • BIOS 3010, 3015 - Human Anatomy w/lab (4 total credit hours)
  • BIOS 3450, 3455 - Human Physiology w/lab (5 total credit hours)
  • BIOS 4450, 4455  OR EXPH 4140, 4150 - Physiology of Exercise w/lab (4 total credit hours)
  • CHEM 1510, 1520 - Principles of Chemistry I & II (8 total hours)
  • MATH 1350 - Survey of Calculus OR MATH 2301 - Calculus (4 credit hours)
  • PHIL 1300 - Intro to Ethics OR PHIL 3310 - Moral Problems in Medicine (3 credit hours)
  • PHYS 2001, 2002 - Intro to Physics (8 total credit hours)
  • PT 2590, 2591 - Intro to Physical Therapy (4 total credit hours)
  • SOC 1000 - Intro to Sociology (3 credit hours)


Other Required Courses

Courses required by the College of Arts and Sciences can be found here.

Courses that will fulfill the general education requirements for Ohio University can be found here.