Intervention Design & Outcome Evaluation


The broad purpose of research in this area is to understand the psychosocial problems of individuals and groups, including families and organizations.

The specific foci of the Ohio University Intervention Design and Outcome Evaluation Group is the assessment of the problems of individuals, families, and organizations as well as the evaluation of the processes and outcomes of interventions aimed at improving such problems. Targeted populations include adults and children with emotional, behavioral, job-related, and neurological problems.

Specific efforts include psychotherapy research, the evaluation of programs for victims of various forms of sexual violence and harassment, the assessment of more severely disturbed individuals, and the evaluation of community mental health and parenting programs.


Clinics and Laboratories

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  • Timothy Anderson, Ph.D. (Miami University, 1993),
    Associate Professor - Research interests include psychotherapy process and outcome research in the context of physical and mental illness, psychological assessment.


  • Christine Gidycz, Ph.D. (Kent State University, 1988),
    Professor and Director of Clinical Training - Research interests include the design and evaluation of interventions for the prevention of sexual assault, risk factors for sexual victimization and aggression, and correlates of trauma in sexual assault survivors.


  • Julie Owens, Ph.D. (Brigham Young University, 1991),
    Associate Professor - Research interests include examining the effectiveness and feasibility of implementing evidence-based interventions for disruptive behavior disorders in the context of school-based mental health programs, the effects of integrated, interdisciplinary care in rural communities, and self-perceptions and attributions in ADHD children.