General Information on the Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology


Program Mission and Objectives

The goal of our program is to prepare doctoral students to become professionals in the field of clinical psychology. Recent graduates of our program work in various types of settings including medical centers, colleges and universities, independent practice, state and county hospitals, medical schools, school districts, university counseling centers, correctional facilities, and business and industry. The specific objectives of our training program include the following:

  • To educate students about the content issues that presently define the knowledge base in clinical psychology;
  • To train students in the use of scientific methodology applied to the study of human behavior;
  • To facilitate the development of foundation and functional competencies associated with clinical practice;
  • To educate students on the role of human diversity as it relates to both the science and practice of clinical psychology;
  • To promote the integration of science and practice in professional activity;
  • To facilitate an appreciation of lifelong learning.


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