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A Message from the Experimental Training Director

Welcome to the web site for the graduate training program in experimental psychology! From this page prospective students can examine the diverse programs offered by OU under the experimental psychology program. If you have questions about our program or need additional information, feel free to contact me.

Keith Markman
Associate Professor and Director of Experimental Training
227 Porter Hall
Department of Psychology
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701
(740) 593-1083


Program Description

The doctoral program in experimental psychology focuses on a scientific investigation of normal psychological processes. Its purpose is to prepare students for scholarly work as well as basic and applied research in these processes.

Program requirements include coursework in a broad array of content areas, although students work closely with their faculty advisors to plan programs of study that reflect their own professional interests and goals. As part of their training, students will be expected to complete extensive coursework in statistics and research methodology, reflecting our belief that students who develop skills in these areas will be better prepared to tackle both basic and applied research problems in psychology.

Throughout their graduate study, students will be expected to be actively involved in research. This includes completing a master's thesis and doctoral dissertation. Because of the commitment of the faculty in the experimental psychology program to collaborative, cross-disciplinary research, students often engage in research partnerships with faculty and students outside of their own areas of specialization.

The Ph.D. program typically requires five years to complete. The great majority of our graduates take positions in academic settings, ranging from universities to two-year colleges, and in research settings, both public and industrial. Most of our graduates in recent years have found that their teaching experience in our department benefited them substantially.

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