Experiment Sign Up

Web Based Experiment Management System

Students in introductory psychology classes can obtain direct experience with research by participating in studies conducted within the Psychology Department. If you are a student in Psychology 1010 or other courses offer research participation experience credit, use the link below to access the system.

If you need to find the location of an experiment, click on the link below to access maps of campus or to directly access a picture and information about how to find the specific building where most studies are conducted.

OU specific information for students and researchers are available using the following links:

To access a User Manual for the sign-up system (includes sections for participants/students, researchers, and instructors) please use the link below:

As an alternative to participation in on-going research, students can obtain research credit by responding to a set of questions regarding the methodology involved in studies reported in psychology journal articles. Articles and set of questions can be found via the link below or via your instructor. Once you have read an article, complete the set of questions and either attach or paste to an email message from your OU account to You are expected to spend about 1 hour on each article and thus you will receive 1 credit for each article/set of questions. IMPORTANT: You may only submit two (2) article option forms per week (beginning/ending Saturdays at midnight) per course offering research credits. Each must be sent in separate emails (from OU account). If you are planning not to participate in research, you must plan ahead to obtain the credits desired. 

If you are looking for the Communications Studies Research Pool, please click HERE

For questions on the Experimental Sign-Up System, email